About Our Wines

Listed below are some of popular types of wines that are often enjoyed with a variety of our dishes. It is our pleasure to assist you in choosing a selection from our wine cellar which will compliment your dining experience. Please ask about our wine specials, and selections which are available by the glass.

Chardonnay is a white wine that is usually dry, and it pairs best with poultry or seafood such as lobster and scallops. Chardonnay also pairs well with light dishes that are served with red meat.

Gavi is the most common “Bianco” (white wine) served in Italy. Gavi tends to have a straw color and a neutral, mild aroma. Although it is a highly acidic wine, it’s assuming flavor is usually fruity, persistent, dry, and very balanced. Gavi pairs best with fish, such as tilapia, salmon, and tuna.

Sangiovese is a red wine, which is the most traditional of Italian Chianti wines. Most Chianti wines are recognized for being served in a basket-encased bottle, and is recognized for it’s fruity & fresh characteristics. Chianti is most commonly served with pasta dishes which are made with a red sauce, such as lasagna or manicotti.

Ciro Rosso
Ciro Rosso is a red wine which offers a delightful bouquet of spice, dried fruit, wild berries, and plums. Ciro Rosso’s fruity complexity lends itself to be a very rich wine which is easily palatable. Ciro Rosso perfectly compliments spicy meat dishes, roasted lamb, and roasted meat with peppers.